Monday, August 13, 2012

Too much?

I am starting to think that I may be working on too many projects at the moment....I have an ever growing list, but I've been inspired and I don't want to miss out on any opportunities!

Here is my ever growing project list:

-SEWING PROJECTS: I got a sewing machine for my birthday (yipee!) and need to start working on some projects so I get familiar with the machine and educate myself further. I have decided to make a nice flowy maxi skirt as well as some polka dotted scarves. I also would like to make a DIY heart sweater (a la the J.Crew one I would like to, but should not purchase). While I'm at it I think I will add some elbow patches to some old sweaters, perhaps even in the shape of a heart! And although not sewing related, I am making my own polka dotted skinnies since the ones I am obsessed with at Anthropologie are nearly $300 (boo).

-PAPER PROJECTS: I recently learned how to book bind (I even taught a class on it! oo la la!) and as a result I have decided everyone I know needs their own personalized hand bound journal. I have made 3 handmade journals in...2 weeks? I also learned the magic of DIY stationary and LINED ENVELOPES. Let me tell you- once you line an envelope you'll never look at an unlined envelope in the  same way EVER again. So two lucky people in my life will be receiving their own handmade stationary complete with lined envelopes. Those two people shall remain unnamed as they have not received this yet. :) I also decided I needed to get to work on the many scrapbooks we were gifted around the time of the wedding. The Italian Honeymoon book is almost complete, but I still have the wedding and family books to finish up.

-PAINTING PROJECTS: I have 2 paintings in progress, and would like to finish at least 2 more by mid to late September. This really should be PRIORITY NUMERO UNO. These actually have deadlines unlike the rest. MUST FOCUS.

-HOME PROJECTS: I have come up with a spiffy (yes, I said spiffy) way of displaying the sweet and lovely cards we receive or give to each other. DIY and photos to come! I got Mr. Butter the PERFECT card the other day (if I do say so myself, which...I just did). It says "Life is so much BUTTER with you". A-dorable. It was made for us. I would also like to make us a fun pair of curtains for the bedroom and perhaps a lovely fall tablecloth.

Don't even get me started on fall decorations...Fall is only MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR and there are so many fun things I want to make!!!!

Time to get back to those paintings! Poor Mr. Butter is already in bed, but I have to dedicate myself to this for the next few months. 8 hour work days followed by a night of painting? You gotta do what ya gotta do.

Friday, August 3, 2012


This one might be the best one....So you should watch it. 

Because it's been too long

And you can never, ever have too much John Lennon in your life. You should definitely take a few minutes to watch this video. His style! Amazing!!! I can't even begin to express how happy I would be if I got to play with elephants in Central Park with John Lennon. I mean...look at all of the wonderful things happening in that sentence. John Lennon. Elephants. Central Park. All AMAZING things. 

Happy Friday!

PS. You should watch this one too because John and Yoko are the best.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Third and Fairfax

At 3rd and Fairfax you will find a little place called the Grove/Farmer's Market. This is another place that I used to frequent as a teenager living in Hollywood that has now become a tourist attraction and home of tv's Extra (why??). But it still has a soft spot in my heart and I love roaming the stalls at the Farmer's Market and trying some new delicious meal. Although, let's be honest here- most of the time I end up at the French crepe stand. Look at the goodies we found!

On this particular day it happened to be very hot outside so my sister and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice air conditioned lunch at the French restaurant inside the Grove. I adored their wall near the entrance and had to snap a shot...

I love how perfectly imperfect it is. 

Well, that's all for now. Have a great evening!

Butter goes to...

A visit to Los Angeles just would not be complete without a trip to the beach! We always seem to end up at Venice beach (the part off Washington, not so much the boardwalk). It's less crowded than the touristy Santa Monica beach and there are lots of fun places to visit near by. We usually end up taking a stroll down to the boardwalk but quickly return once we are feeling overwhelmed by the masses of people, body builders, and smoke scented air. If you are feeling hungry I always enjoy C&O Trattoria just up the street- their garlic rolls are amazing! 

As you can see the weather was perfect and it was great to spend some time relaxing in the sun (with sunscreen, of course!). Julian was the only one brave enough to enter the water this time (it was very cold!) but even that was a short lived adventure. I ended up burying him in the sand after just so he could warm back up!

Nothing quite beats the California coast.

The Good Urth

Oh, Urth Cafe. I loved you long before you became a mecca for the "see and be seen" crowd that flocks to you in hopes of accidental fame these days. Your strong Italian lattes stole my young heart when I was only fifteen years old and I will never stop loving you. Your bake sale pastries and deserts fill me with joy and you are still the only place I will order a restaurant pie. Mr. Butter and I often catch ourselves saying "if only we could go to Urth Cafe right now..." and daydreaming about the treasures you offer. 

Note to visitors: My favorite treats are the decadent chocolate pound cake (they give you three huge slices) and the deep dish peach pie. Always ask for your treat warmed- it will make it taste 1,000 times more delicious! The belgian waffle with strawberries and bananas is also delightful!

These visions of creamy coffee treats are going to dance around in my head as I drift off into sleep tonight...

To Infinity and BEYOND!

In all of my years spent in Los Angeles I am surprised to say that I never actually visited the Griffith Observatory. When I first arrived in the City of Angeles it was under renovation but I remember there was a big to do when it reopened. I have visited the park on numerous occasions but this, my friends, was my first trip the the observatory itself. 

We went with the intentions of viewing one of the planetarium shows about vikings and the Northern Lights (sounds amazing, right??), but much to our surprise the place was packed. We had to park so far away that we practically got in another hike. We missed our viking show and had to settle for one about the Mayan prediction of the end of times. It wasn't nearly as dramatic as we had anticipated but very fun indeed!

I think my sister fell in love and this is her new favorite place/soon to be second home. She was quite smitten with the Tesla coil and the Cafe at the End of the Universe. I even caught her pondering the ways of the universe with Albert Einstein. 

Another must see next time you are in Los Angeles!

Until next time- May the force be with you.

(Yes, I am aware I am a total nerd.)