Thursday, June 7, 2012


I seem to go through phases with jewelry. I will go months without wearing anything other than my wedding ring and the occasional bracelet, but other times I get inspired by seeing women with perfectly curated jewelry and it really kicks their style up a level. I like statement pieces and pieces that add a little sparkle or color to your outfit. Here's a few pieces I am currently eyeing:

I really like this bracelet by J.Crew. It's great as a solo piece but would also look awesome layered with other gold bracelets. 

Confession: I do not have my ears pierced. I did once upon a time when I was in the fifth grade, but for many reasons I decided to let them close up and I've been a clip on gal ever since. These Tory Burch Gingham Stud clip ons are adorable! Unfortunately, finding cute clip on earrings can be a challenge, but Tory Burch and Kate Spade both make some fun options!

Of course Anthropologie kills it as usual with this beautiful necklace. It would like great with a simple crisp white shirt and jeans.

What are your favorite pieces in your own jewelry collection? I am partial to the three Cole Haan bangles my husband gave me and my black and teal necklace from Florence. And of course, my wedding ring! :) 

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