Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Butter Goes To PAM

One night last week Tim had to work late, so I decided to take myself on a date to the Portland Art Museum to see the Mark Rothko exhibit. I always end up roaming the oh so familiar modern and contemporary galleries while I am there, and leave feeling energized and inspired. 

"The subject of painting is the painting itself" -Mark Rothko
 This is the first comprehensive Rothko exhibit I have been to and it was such a pleasure to be able to see his journey into abstraction. I am obsessed with the electric blue in the painting above, "Untitled (Harvard Mural Sketch)", 1962. However, one of my favorite qualities of walking into a room full of Rothkos is the power that the large scale paintings evoke. It feels as if you are literally walking into the work. 

Duane Hanson, "Dishwasher", 1973.
This piece completely startled me when I walked into this gallery. I only caught it out of the corner of my eye initially and thought someone was sitting in the gallery contemplating one of the pieces. Even after I realized it was actually a highly realistic sculpture I still felt like I was encroaching on a private moment. 

I found these little treats in the museum gift shop. I adore French macaroons and was delighted by these  tiny trinket boxes. Museum gift shops are a treasure trove of unique objects.

A night at the museum is always a lovely night. 

*Artwork depicted in title photo is "Untitled (To Donna)" by Dan Flavin. I always love a good Dan Flavin piece!

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