Saturday, April 21, 2012

DIY Lace Loop Scarf

Last Christmas I really wanted to create some DIY items that I could give to my friends and family as gifts. I've made a dozen crochet scarves over the years, but this year I wanted something different. Something a bit more stylish and versatile. I had seen a lot of loop scarves as of late, but decided they needed a little something extra. So I added lace! 

Supplies needed:
-1 to 2 yards of a stretch cotton jersey fabric (length depends on how many times you want to wrap the scarf or how low you want it to hang)
-1/2 to 1 yard of lace (I tried a few variations and found that the less delicate lace worked best. The amount of lace you get will depend on the ratio of lace to jersey that you want. I find it's always best to have a little extra on hand just in case!)
-Thread (matching the color of your fabrics)
-Needle for sewing by hand
-Sewing Machine

Since I made this project almost 6 months ago I don't have full step by step photos. Overall it's a pretty simple sewing project, and I will describe the steps in detail. 

1. Fold your jersey fabric lengthwise in half ("hot dog" style- do you remember the hot dog vs. hamburger folding technique from school?). 
2. Pin the two sides together so they stay in place when you sew them together. You will only need to sew one side since the folded side is already connected. Once you have sewn down length of the fabric, turn it right side out to hide the stitching.  Leave the ends open so you can add the lace. When you are done with this step your scarf will look like a tube. 
3. Do these same steps with your lace fabric. Now you will have two tubes!
4. Sew the lace onto one end of the jersey tube. I did this step by hand since the lace was too delicate for my sewing machine. 
5. Sew the other end of the jersey tube to the other end of the lace tube. This is the trickiest part and should be done by hand as well. Don't worry about it being perfect. When the scarf is draped around your neck it will not show the imperfections.

You could do so many different variations of this project! I like the contrast of the lace with the casual jersey cotton, but you could add any type of textured fabric in place of the lace! If you substitute the jersey for something else, make sure it's a durable stretchy fabric. 

I made this black and tan version for my mother. I like that it's chic enough for a nice dinner but casual enough to wear with jeans too!

I made this green and pink version for my best friend Liz. I love the color combo- it's funky but fresh! 

Feel free to email me if you have questions or glitches along the way! Enjoy!

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