Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Friday!

At last, it has come! Friday sweet Friday. In celebration of this happy day I am going to share a few things that bring a smile to my face.

MACARONS: These sweet little treats are gorgeous AND delicious. I shied away from them for many years since I usually don't go for non-chocolate sweet treats. But their seductive beauty lured me in and now I am hooked! I love trying new flavors (lavender, olive oil, sea salt and caramel!) and can't wait to visit Lauderee on our upcoming trip to NYC! 

SUMMER SANDALS: I have been obsessing over cute summer sandals lately, which is unfortunate for me because it has remained gray and rainy here in the NW with the sun rarely coming out to say hello. You can find these here. I love the red and yellow versions!

VOLUSPA CANDLES: I first encountered these at Anthropologie. If you haven't discovered these for  yourself yet, let me tell you- they smell amazing!!! I am partial to the Santiago Huckleberry but really, they are all fantastic. 

BUBBLEROONS: It's no secret now that I love macaroons, so of course I LOVE these Bubbleroons from Lush! They are bubble bars with a coconut oil "icing" in the middle. Simply crumble these little wonders under running water and enjoy the best bubble bath you've ever had. Each 'roon is made for two baths. I am still testing out all of the different scents, but so far my favorite is the Rose Jam. 


Macaron photo via Gigabiting; Sandals via BC Footwear; Voluspa candle via Amazon; Bubbleroons via Lush.

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  1. I love the Voluspa candles and the Bubbleroons too! So delicious. And the bubbles moisturize your skin so much! The Baltic Amber Voluspa candles are great too!