Sunday, April 22, 2012


Later this week Mr. Butter and I will be jetting of to NYC for a few days and boy-oh-boy are we excited!!! I have been itching for a NY trip for quite some time now and will probably need many return visits to do and see everything on my list.

Some things we are looking forward to:
-Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and grabbing some pizza at Grimaldi's.
-Walking through Central Park and perhaps a picnic too!
-Visiting the Museum of Modern Art (FREE on Friday nights!!)
-Macaroons! Which is better- La Maison du Macaron or Laduree?
-A little shopping in SoHo and perhaps a good Flea Market (I hear the good ones are in Hell's Kitchen and Brooklyn).
-Shake Shack!
-Visiting some art schools (I am preparing to apply for a MFA program!)
-Perhaps taking in a show (music or broadway- Death of a Salesman with Phillip Seymour Hoffman looks pretty amazing!)
-Ground Zero Memorial
-Flatiron Building/District
-Visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney, and the Guggenheim (I told you I might need a few trips...)
-Poking around Eataly- it looks kind of amazing!

Any suggestions on what to see or do? We'd love to hear them!

We are staying in Greenwich Village and scored some great deals on direct flights with Jet Blue. We're taking a red eye flight so we'll have to sleep fast and be ready to hit the ground running when we get there!

Bonus: My mom and step dad are meeting us for a weekend in the city so we also get to spend time with family!! My mom lives in the far away land of Florida so we don't get to see each other as often as we'd like. I can't wait!

Central Park Skyline photo via here.

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