Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Places

There are certain places I can go and spend endless amounts of time wandering around in pure happiness. For me, the art store is one of those places. I have to go up and down each and every aisle, making sure I don't miss a single possible treasure. Confession: I might go up and down every aisle twice.

Oh, paint brushes. You are one of my favorites. I love the way the soft synthetic bristles feel. And finding the biggest brush out of the bunch. On the inside I feel like a child again, wanting to run up to the next person I see and tell them "Wow!!! Did you see how big this one is?!" 

Unfortunately, I can't seem to enter an art supply store without leaving with a bag full of goodies. There's always a new paint color I haven't tried, a brush that needs replacing, or canvas that needs to come home with me "just in case". You never know when there could be a canvas crisis!

Art supply stores of the world, thank you for being one of my happy places!

What are some of your special spots?

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