Monday, April 23, 2012

Chocolate and The Meadow

Salt. Chocolate. Fresh Flowers. Perfection .

Although my trips may be infrequent, I really enjoy The Meadow on NE Mississippi in Portland. They have an entire wall dedicated to every type of salt one could imagine, and another wall dedicate to artisan chocolates. Right in the middle of it all you can find a wide variety of gorgeous fresh flowers. 
I love all three of these things so it's no surprise that I adore The Meadow. I highly recommend a little trip over to the NE to walk up and down Mississippi. There are so many unique and fun stores to visit, including an ice cream shop that makes a honey lavender flavor that is to die for!

Speaking of chocolate, I will forever be grateful to my good friend Susan for introducing me to Dagoba Organic Chocoalte. More specifically, their Lavender Blueberry Dark Chocolate bar. I was skeptical at first, but it's so good! I recently picked up two new flavors to try: Roseberry and Beaucoup Berries. I picked these up at the New Seasons Market. They carry a large variety of Dagoba flavors I have not yet tried and they have them in individual bite size pieces too...! What's a girl to do?! 

I like trying unique flavors when it comes to sweets. Do you have any favorites? I know Bacon Chocolate is the hot item right now, but I'm just not ready for that quite yet.

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