Friday, May 4, 2012

7 months and Counting

On May second Mr. Butter and I celebrated seven glorious months of being joined together in matrimony. I know, it's silly that we're counting months but I get giddy like a school girl when the second day of each month rolls around and my sweet ginger husband greets me with a "happy __ month anniversary, baby!". Sometimes he kicks it up a notch and surprises me with a lovely bouquet of flowers that he proudly put together himself. So in honor of our little anniversary I am going to share our engagement story!

A little over a year ago I went on a weekend trip to San Antonio to visit with my family. When I arrived back in the Portland airport I was expecting to simply go home and see Tim when he got off work. I was on my way down to the baggage claim and curbside pick up when I spotted a handsome gentleman looking rather dashing out of the corner of my eye. I had to do a double take to realize it was Tim since I was not expecting to see him at all! I was so excited that he made a surprise visit to pick me up and wow, he even brought flowers! I had a good one, that was certain. That good one of mine kept wrapping me up in hugs. It was a little suspicious but I thought he must have just really missed me. As I was distracted by admiration for the gorgeous white bouquet he brought me Tim got down on one knee (in front of the whole world! And by whole world I mean PDX) and held up the most gorgeous sparkly vintage ring for me and popped the question! I am not entirely certain what happened next but I believe I started jumping up and down and saying yes over and over and over. He tells me that I didn't even let him put the ring on my finger, I snatched it up and stuck it on immediately!

Everything after that is a blur. I just remember my cheeks were hurting because of all the smiling I was doing. People always ask us what everyone's reaction was in the airport but neither one of us can remember! We were completely wrapped up in each other and our happiness.

Here are some photos from our engagement session done by the fabulous Kelly Lindmeier of K.Lindmeier Photography:

I love looking back on these. It was such a special time for us. And oh my! Tim's hair was so long!! 


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