Thursday, May 10, 2012


The Oregon College of Art and Craft offers inexpensive Open Life Drawing Classes every Saturday morning at 10:00. This is something I discovered a while ago but for some reason I always forget about it! So I have made grand plans to attend this Saturday's open studio. It's a great resource for artists since they provide the space and model at a low cost. I am looking forward to get my creative juices flowing! I haven't worked with a live model in years so this should be fun! The photo above is of a sketch I did while attending UCLA as an undergraduate. I still remember that day fondly. Here's a sketch of an abstract version of the same figure:

I love getting to experiment with different techniques and materials to create something new and different. Sometimes it is nice to just allow yourself to be free and not over analyze every detail. This technique quickly became a favorite of mine. Here's another example:

I apologize for the terrible photo quality. These were taken when I was still in college, and clearly wasn't concerned with editing. Yikes!


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