Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Walk Down Memory Lane

After work I often walk over to the coffee shop down the road and spend some time working on the blog, doing research on graduate programs, reading a good book, etc. Today they are playing The Postal Service "Give Up" album in it's entirety and it's making me rather nostalgic. I listened to this album on repeat when I was in high school and have every song memorized. I would write all of my papers, work on art projects, and spend endless hours chatting with my friends online with this album on in the background. I kind of forgot just how much I loved it until now. Knowing me I will probably start listening to it on repeat again. 

And now let's journey back in time and meet the Postal Service loving high school Amanda:

So I can't figure out how my hair always looked nice back then...Either I spent an obscene amount of time on it (as many high school girls do) or it had some magical teenage powers because it never looks like that anymore. And I have very little patience for styling it. I've got to get that hair back! I do remember that I used big purple hot rollers, which I have repurchased now. But I still have to blow dry my hair first, and all you thick haired ladies out there will agree when I say that is just no fun at all. 

And let's take a moment to appreciate the absurdity of our cap and gown color choice. Yes, that is shiny silver. The boys wore dark green and we wore silver. In the field on a sunny California day we looked like baked potatoes roasting in the sun. But at least we were fabulous. 

Sometimes it is rather fun traveling back in time. It makes me even more excited for the future!


  1. hey! i am in TWO of these three photos! hehe! we really were kinda inseparable from 2002-2004 huh? miss those fun times + miss you! xo, ash

  2. Ash! Yes, we were and it was wonderful! I think you are in 99% of my photos from back then!! I miss you too and hope I get to come visit you and your fabulous home in SB someday!!! Xo!