Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dear Mom

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful, beautiful, fantastic mom! I am forever grateful for her love and support. She has always encouraged me to chase my dreams and make them a reality, and has inspired me to be brave, strong, and to live a life of love. Thank you mama for being such a great example for us girls and for always believing in us! I am so thankful for you and couldn't ask for a better mother. 

And happy mother's day to all of you mothers, moms to be, grandmothers, and mother figures! As an extra bonus of marriage, I now have another mama in my life! Happy Mother's Day to Kim, my mother-in-law! Thank you for raising such a wonderful son, and for your strength, courage, and love you show each and every day! You are a truly inspiring woman and we love you so so so much!!!

Here's some more wonderful mama photos:

Mama D and her Mama.

(I'm tellin' ya- Tim's family really nailed it with the professional photos! I wish we had more gems like this!!) This is so wonderful it melts my heart a little. 

Yes, my amazing mom wore a cute waiter outfit and served fake champagne and cakes in the shape of martinis for my 17th birthday party. It was 1960s themed- you had to come dressed according to the theme and my wonderful mother made us all a four course meal. Still one of my favorite birthday celebrations ever!

Sister, mama, me.

Tim's favorite photo of him and his mom. :)


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