Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thoughts on Puppies

I love dogs. Like really truly love them. My voice turns all high pitched and squealy when I see one and I become instantly happy. Oh how I want a puppy of my own!!!! It would make me so happy I wouldn't know what to do with myself! Except smile and smile and smile until my cheeks hurt so bad that I can't possibly smile any more.

Let me introduce you to Bear the Bernese Mountain dog. My super awesome husband found him on The Daily Puppy for me. Yes, my husband loves me very much. He sends me puppies he thinks I will love every day from The Daily Puppy. I am pretty much the luckiest gal ever.

Meet Bear:

I KNOW!!!!! He's the awesomest. He also solidified the fact that I want a Bernese Mountain dog. Do you see those giant paws? And fluffy head? AND THAT TONGUE just peeking out!

Look how sad he is. It's because I'm not there to play with him. Don't be sad Bear! 

Yep, my heart just melted into a big pile of goo. 
Thank you puppy owners for sharing Bear with the rest of the world! He is greatness. 
(all photos of Bear via The Daily Puppy)

You should also meet this little fella:

I met him at the coffee shop I frequent and oh how I fell in love. I saw him every day for a week straight (it was a really good week) and now he has been MIA. Tim and I go by each morning in hopeful anticipation of seeing him, but he's never there anymore. It's terribly heart breaking. 

Come back, my friend!

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