Monday, May 7, 2012

And It's Monday Once More

I hope you had a great weekend filled with sunshine and mexican food! Luckily we had both of those! I also made waffles with our brand spanking new waffle iron purchased by my sweet and loving husband. After a delicious brunch o' waffles we took advantage of the gorgeous sunny weather here by enjoying a cigar (i know- but it's actually fun! It's one of those manly hobbies my manly husband enjoys every once in a blue moon) out on our balcony with our good friend Chris.  Afterwards we visited the Donahue side of the family for the first BBQ of the season and oh my was it delicious!

Ah but alas, Monday has come again. Thankfully the week ahead looks quite promising, including a chocolate tasting extravaganza this Friday night.

Here's some highlights from the weekend:

I love this photo of our friend Chris because it really captures what a fun and happy person he is! He definitely brightens up our lives with his infectious laughter!

I'm keeping it gansta at the Donahue house.


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