Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let's Go For A Walk

Portland had been rather generous with it's weather lately, and I actually fell for it. I thought the sunshine and clear skies were here to stay for the summer, and oh how I was wrong! Portland decided to go back to it's old ways this week and bring forth misty rain and gray shadows. But miraculously the clouds lifted and the rain departed for a few hours this afternoon. I wouldn't dream wasting such a lovely moment so I went for a walk! It was a bit windy so I popped into a few of my favorite stores as well. Here's some photos from this pretty afternoon:

Above: Fun colorful watches at Anthropologie, Giant oil paint sticks and playful papers at the art store, and vintage dresses on the street. 

Beautiful display inside Anthropologie.

I always love the window displays at Anthro. It would be SO much fun to make these.

I love how these turned out. They are so funky. 

I hope you had a pretty afternoon too!

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