Friday, May 4, 2012


This photo of Tim when he was just a wee little one melts my heart. It makes me all ooey-gooey and crazy for a little red headed fellow of our own. It was such a treat to revisit all of our childhood photographs when we were putting together the slideshow for our wedding. Let's do it right now!!

Your eyes are not deceiving you, that really is the most awesome of awesome photos you have ever seen. I mean really now, how great is the profile enlarged in the background? They don't make them like that anymore I tell ya! And oh, how my heart swoons!!!

That there is me and my grandfather with a very interesting couch and shag carpet. Oh, and don't forget the wood paneled walls! 

Here I am with my sister on the porch swing at my grandparent's lake house near Austin. I believe we were all gussied up for Easter. She's decked in pearls and white gloves while I am rocking that fierce bonnet. 

Tim totally takes the cake for awesome baby photos. Check out that mini bike and rad sunglasses. He is the coolest of cool. Perhaps even ice cold (oh, forgive me...). Thank you Mama Donahue for documenting your son's adorable childhood years in such a wondrous fashion!!! 

Here I am with my great-grandfather. I had (and according to my husband, still have) big squishy chubby cheeks. I kind of want that dress in an adult sized version right now....

And there's my sports loving husband in all his baby glory. 

I really hope that someday we are blessed with our own little red headed trouble maker. 

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