Monday, May 21, 2012


Before Tim and I got married I lived without cable. Yes, it's true. No television for this girl. I was living on such a small budget I simply couldn't justify spending any money on television. I didn't even have the internet for a while (gasp!). But I did have a tv and dvd player so I watched lots of shows on dvd. Some of my old favorites include Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Frasier, Gossip Girl (yes, I admit it!), and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (so good).

Now that I'm a married woman with a husband who needs his ESPN like fish need water, we have cable. We even have HBO. And oh boy, it's addictive. I have new favorite shows now, and pretty much all of them are on HBO.

We orginally got sucked in with Boardwalk Empire. Oh, Nucky- you are so good, yet so so bad. If you haven't seen this yet, you must! Steve Buscemi is fabulous in it, as is the rest of the cast. The costumes and set design are amazing as well!

After that, we started trying out other HBO shows. And along with the rest of the world we got completely obsessed with Game of Thrones. Do yourself a favor and go buy Season 1 and just start watching it RIGHT NOW. But make sure you don't have anything important to take care of first because you won't want to stop. You will become a sleep deprived zombie just to watch 1 more episode...and then  1 more...and then, you get the picture.

Now we're branching out even more. Tim has started to watch Veep, which I was hesitant towards at first but now share in the hilarity of it. And I'm still testing out Girls, which is about four women in their twenties living in NYC. It's often compared to Sex and the City but it is far, far less glamorous.

HBO was like a gateway drug to other "premium channel" shows. We decided to try out Showtime's Homeland. Yeah, that was a good/bad idea because all of a sudden I couldn't get enough of that either! Oh how we love On Demand programming!

We still love our old shows, and spend many nights cuddled up in bed watching Frasier. I mean, how can you not love Niles? And I will never get tired of Eddie and his adorable antics! My sister told me that her first year graduate students born in the 1990s (let's not even get started on that) had never seen an episode of Friends. Can you even imagine?! I have seen every episode probably twenty times. We must right this wrong in the world!!!

What are your favorite shows? Which ones can you watch over and over again and never get tired of? I'd love to hear!

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