Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Lazy Saturday!

Today I took part in what I have named "The Lazy Saturday." I got out of bed at a reasonable hour, but shortly after kissing Mr. Butter good-bye as he headed off to work I decided to simply relocate to the sofa and eat a bowl of cereal and watch some TV. After that exhausting endeavor I debated whether or not it was too early to take a nap and decided that yes, indeed it was. However, it was not too early to take a bubble bath, eat macaroons, and watch my favorite guilty pleasure show. So I drew myself up a oh so delightful bath, got out the last of my macaroons, and put on Gossip Girl to watch while I lounged around in my warm tub. It-was-great! 

Post-bath I decided it was time to repaint my nails and went for a bold gesture with half hot pink, half black. I thought it was fun and unexpected but when Mr. Butter came home he proceeded to ask me "What's on the tip of your nails?". I took that to mean they were not approved. What do you think?

After the nail update I came to the conclusion that it was now an appropriate time to take a nap and snoozed for a bit on the couch under our cozy faux fur blanket. Ah, but the laziness had to end. I finally rose from my slumber, did a load of laundry, made the bed, and walked over to the grocery store to pick up some treats for today, the fifth of May. I made us a feast of chips and guacamole, vegetarian tacos with all the fixins and some "cold beer" per the husband's request. 

I picked out a mixture of beers because I wanted to try a few kinds and we don't really have a favorite. I got one called "Lucky Buddah" (despite being told by the grocery store worker that "it was awful") because let's be honest here, the bottle is awesome. And it was cheap. So even if the beer was awful the bottle rocked my world and it would be worth it. By the way, it kind of just tastes like Coors Light. 

That husband of mine had to run back up to work after dinner so now I am finishing up my Buddah beer and waiting for him to return home to me. I don't know how on earth it is possible but I am ready for another nap. 


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