Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring Has Finally Sprung!

Dear Portland, 

I hope you are not playing a evil trick on me. It has been beautiful and sunny for three whole days in a row. And we're not talking the kind-of-cold-and-windy-but-still-sorta-kinda-nice sunny. This is full on blue skies and almost 80 degrees and happiness in the air! It's oh so loverly. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My poor little heart couldn't take much more of the dreary rainy cold days. You see, I am not a true Oregonian. I expect for sunshine to make a daily appearance along with it's good friend warmth come April or May. It's reasonable, no? But don't get me wrong dear Portland. I do love your beautiful crisp falls. You have definitely perfected fall. 

So if you love me at all my dearest PDX, please (pretty please!) keep this gorgeous weather comin'. I appreciate it ever so. 

Yours truly, 

Mrs. Butter

P.S. Here is my spring-has-finally-sprung wish list!

1.  Those are some good lookin' yellow pants
2. Saltwater sandals pretty please!!!
3. I tried on this skirt at Top Shop in NYC and now I can't stop thinking about it! I love how it's sheer on the bottom. 
4. I am lovinggggg chambray tops of all kinds right now. This would be adorable paired with a flowy skirt! Good job, Madewell.


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